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Circuit Boards Collection

RootCommunication in Manchester collects circuit boards through several channels. They may have partnerships with electronic waste collection companies or directly receive circuit boards from businesses or individuals. Once collected, RootCommunication likely sorts the circuit boards based on type, condition, and potential for reuse or recycling. This process might involve manual sorting or automated sorting machines.


After, the ciurcit boards are then processed further, which may include dismantling components, extracting valuable materials like gold or copper, and ensuring environmentally friendly disposal of any hazardous components. Overall, RootCommunication likely follows established protocols and regulations for electronic waste management to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource recovery.


How we collect Circuit boards for recycling

Packaging Guidance:

Circuit Boards

Once your pickup is scheduled, our team will provide guidance on how to safely package your circuit boards for transportation. We’ll ensure that they’re securely packed to prevent any damage during transit.


On the scheduled day, our professional team will arrive at your location to collect the packaged circuit boards. Whether you’re a residential customer or a business, we’ll handle the heavy lifting and loading, making the process as seamless as possible for you.


After collection, your circuit boards will be transported to our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Manchester. We utilize eco friendly transportation methods to minimize our carbon footprint during transit.

Responsible Recycling:

At our facility, the circuit boards undergo thorough recycling processes that adhere to strict environmental regulations. We ensure that every component is properly dismantled, sorted, and recycled to minimize waste and maximize resource recovery.

For Booking A Collection:

To begin, simply reach out to us either through

Email: info@rootcommunication.co.uk  ,Mobile: +44 (0) 800 756 6660