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Hard Disk Collection

At RootCommunication located in manchester, we prioritize the safe and responsible Hard Disk Collection to ensure the protection of sensitive data and the environment. Our process begins with scheduling a pickup or drop-off option for your Hard Disk, providing you with flexibility and convenience. Once collected, our trained professionals utilize industry-standard protocols to securely transport the Hard Disk to our facility.


At our facility, we employ state-of-the-art data destruction techniques to render the data on the Hard Disk irretrievable. This includes methods such as degaussing, shredding, or secure erasure using certified software. Our rigorous data destruction procedures adhere to strict privacy standards, giving you peace of mind that your information remains confidential.



Hard Disk Collection at Root Communication


Hard Drives Collection

Before accepting the hard drives, the collection team verifies the number of devices andinspects them for any visible damage. They may also request documentation such as proof of ownership or transfer of data rights.


Once the Hard Disk are securely packaged and verified, the collection team transports them to the designated RootCommunication facility. This may involve using company vehicles or third-party logistics services.


At the facility, the collected hard driveis are processed, inventoried, and logged into the company’s system. This ensures that each device is properly accounted for and tracked throughout the data destruction or recycling process.

Data Destruction: 

RootCommunication takes data security seriously and employs stringent measures to ensure that all data stored on the hard driveis is securely erased. This may involve using specialized data wiping software or physical destruction methods such as shredding.

Book Your Collection

RootCommunication offers an online booking system where customers can schedule a convenient time for hard drive collection. This system allows for easy scheduling and ensures that customers can choose a time that works for them.

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