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Keyboards Collection

RootCommunication, a company based in Manchester, collects keyboards through a structured process. Initially, they may gather keyboards from various sources such as manufacturers, retailers, or individual sellers. These keyboards might be new, used or refurbished.


Once acquired, RootCommunication likely sorts the keyboards based on their condition and functionality. They may segregate keyboards that are fully functional, those tha require minor repairs, and those that are beyond repair. This sorting helps in determining the next steps for each keyboard.


Fully functional keyboards might be prepared for resale or distribution to clients according to their requirements. These keyboards may undergo quality checks to ensure they meet the company’s standards.



Collecting keyboards


Once the pickup is scheduled, customers are advised to securely package their keyboards to ensure safe transportation We provide guidance on how to pack the keyboards properly to prevent damage during transit.


On the scheduled day, our trained technicians arrive at the designated location to collect the keyboards. They handle the items with care and professionalism, ensuring that no keyboards are left behind.

Certificate of Recycling:

Upon request, customers receive a certificate of recycling to document their contribution to environmental sustainability. This certificate serves as proof that the keyboards have been responsibly recycled.

For Booking A Collection:

Our friendly team will arrange a convenient time to collect the keyboards from your location. Customers can easily schedule a pickup for their keyboards by contacting us through

Email:info@rootcommunication.co.uk. ,Mobile: +44 (0) 800 756 6660