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Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling

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Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling

Consistent advancement in the field of technology is an alarming rate towards the better model of computer every several year. With the rapid growth of technology, using the old model computer means you doesn’t want to move on with the need of modern era. Now the old models of computer are useless. What should we do with that? These can’t be disposed off with trash.

This makes the best option “Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling”. Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling is basically related to disassemble and separation of the components and raw material into a new useful product. When the computer and its parts are considered to be absolute then the process of recycling of the computer occurs. The main purpose of the recycling is to reduce the land fill and dispose of the computer parts in environmental friendly way.

This process of Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling also promotes the environment health and humans. Computer recycling & WEEE recycling includes all of its part like CD- Rom drive, power cord, printer cartridge, aluminum casing, circuit board, batteries and cables. Only 2% of the computer is not recycled. Computer contains a lot of asset like gold, aluminum, silver and fossil fuel. Due to computer recycling & WEEE recycling a lot of assets are disposed off. Such assets are further used in making new product. The company named Mac of all trades has been working since 1995 in buyback of Apple products.

With the beginning of computer era, computer recycling & WEEE recycling was not even in thought. No one can imagine about its recycling. To keep the hazardous of products from landfills was unknown. In recent years, the term e- waste was dinged. Firstly, the manufacturer of Dell allowed their customers to send their computers for recycling. Over the past years, the concept of recycling the computer is used all over the word.

Most of the local firms are providing the services of recycling the computer and its asset disposal. In the past the e- waste collected is exported to developing countries at very cheap prices and for the purpose of disposal option. On 14 April 1993, the first publication on computer recycling & WEEE recycling was published in report form. This report is written by columnist Steve Lahr. The report contained the detailed work regarding computer recycling & WEEE recycling, due to land filled with e- waste.

Benefits of Computer Recycling & WEEE recycling

Since computer recycling & WEEE recycling started all over the world, it enhances the level of numerous assets. With recycling of computers, we recovered the thousands of tons of lead. Millions ponds of fossil fuel are spared. According to EPA, recycling of one million laptops saves energy to supply near about 3500 houses of US. In additional, inside of the computer contains valuable things like gold, platinum and silver can be reused.

The biggest achievement through recycling of the computer is the creation of local jobs. The more the computers are recycled, more people will be there to run the processing plants. In this way, recycling of computer also help in minimizing the unemployment ratio.

The computer Recycling & WEEE recycling Process

When the computer is taken to recycle house, the process of triage begins. In this process, different tools and techniques are used to determine the condition and age of each part. For disposition report, all relevant information is recorded, and then computer is cataloged. Once physical processing starts, then data destruction is performed. Computer assets are disposed off properly. Firstly, assets tags are removed and any useful part is refurbished. Those parts having no value are sent for de – manufacturing process. In this process useful parts are harvested and other material is separated, after this, smelter melted down the material for use in future.

Once the physical processing complete, the data destruction is made. Data is destructed from every part of the computer like CD ROM, drive, memory etc. In such way computer recycling & WEEE recycling process is complete under the supervision of expert team with confidentiality. Now a day’s many companies offers computer recycling & WEEE recycling off services to its customers.

Recycling the computer is now becoming the major need of almost every one. Everyone tries to recycle the computer and moves on toward the innovative technology to upgrade the upcoming work orientation need. Computer recycling & WEEE recycling includes the donation, dust bin and go to the retailer with recycling purpose. Donation and throw into dustbin are not the safe recycling computers measures as your computer contains your personal data, pictures and video as well. The easiest way of recycling the computer is to take your computer to the local retailer and recycle it properly. So, ensure to recycle the computer and its asset disposal to save the energy and recover the thousands of assets.


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The IT Asset Disposal Process

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Once delivered, your data is immediately unloaded and itemised with a unique ID assigned to each asset.

Secure Data Destruction

After finalization, your collection is sealed and separated to avoid contamination. The collection undergoes a dedicated erasure process via one of our certified and approved erasure methods.

Erasure Certificates

Then erased, an erasure certificate is automatically assigned to the asset with details such as serial number.

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